Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Praise of Kaylah

(Upon being named a Vigilant of the Order of Defense)
By TH Laird Colyne Stewart, Feb AS 51 (2017)

Let me eloquently praise in rhymes
The might of worthy skill
That with sword can foe-blood spill.
Your frame, adorned in chosen pink,
Through the battle seen to slink,
Weapons ring the foes like chimes.
Kaylah, Rozak, you fight like fire
Consuming wood; you drink
In joy in field or shire,
Until you’ve had your fill.
Axe-adorned, most dire,
In the press you find your thrill,
Your smile seen by all.
Monarchs now demand you
Take on burden, kneel until
A collar drapes you. On the hill
And in the lists where renown grew
Teach and fight on ever higher
In your heart be held not thrall
Except to honour. Now with wink
Of defence be you master now
Never from the call to shrink.

Based on “The Praise of Mahākāla,” a Mongolian Buddhist poem written by Choiji Odser around 1305. I have tried to emulate the rhyme scheme of the first twenty-two lines as closely as possible.

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