Thursday, February 11, 2016


By THLaird Colyne Stewart, February AS 50 (2015)

The squire asked his knight one day
Upon the virtues true to say
On which of them would lead his way:
The knight, he answered “Faith.”

The squire frowned in dark dismay
Belief in God was not his way
Another choice he tried to sway;
The knight, he answered “Faith.”

“My squire tight attention pay
When e’er you enter into fray
Believe your sword can take the day,
For that I answered Faith.

If dark your demons you would slay,
And if your dues to me you’d pay,
Believe in you is what I say,
For that I answered Faith.”

The squire could not say him nay
And with his blood he went to pay
Belief in self he learned to say
“My knight, he answered Faith.”

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