Sunday, December 7, 2014

On Generosity

By THLaird Colyne Stewart, August 2014 (AS 49)

Words of wisdom,
Sung in song,
Of faith and justice,
Of right and wrong,
Of virtues and
The virtuous,
Of folk giving
And courageous.
Like golden apples
Give their flesh,
Like the bulls,
Like fish in mesh;
So chief among
The virtues true,
Is giving like
The knightly do.
Sir Cleges and
Sir Amadace
Were renowned
For art and grace;
For helping those
Who needed aid,
With ne’er a thought
To be repaid.
Like Beowulf,
In Viking hall,
Rewarding carl
And freeing thrall;
Like Roland blowing
On mighty horn,
And giving succor
As he had sworn;
Like Saladin
Who a babe bought,
Returning it to
Mother o’erwrought;
So great and good
Are those that give,
And by their deeds
Will be outlived.
Praise be to them
And all their kind,
Who to others woes
Are not turned blind.
Friend, with thanks,
I bless your name,
And hold it forth
For fond acclaim.

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