Friday, December 5, 2014

For His Excellency Tiberius of Warwickshire upon being named a Vigilant of the Order of Chivalry

THLaird Colyne Stewart, December AS 49 (2014)

Who tall has stood in mud stained field,
With sword in hand and banner high;
Sent spear in flight across the sky
And acted as the weakest’s shield?

Who in battle fraught will nay yield,
With gauntlet hand and armoured thigh;
Who will not let a challenge by
And all the virtues rightly wield?

Thy answer is a man from Thule:
Tiberius, the cross of right,
Clad bright in mail and silver helm,
Named chosen now by those that rule,
Touched by a sword and made a knight,
Ands stands protector of the realm.

Petrarchan sonnet in iambic tentrameter.

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