Saturday, December 6, 2014

For Her Excellency Christiana MacNamara upon being named a Vigilant for the Order of the Pelican

THLaird Colyne Stewart, December AS 49 (2014)

A martyr for her children
Mother bird sits atop her nest
And feeds her young her gushing blood
Pouring forth from her pierced breast

And like this bird a mother bear
In cave cares for her cubs newborn
Protects them from the wind and rain
From talon, claw and ripping thorn

She leads through drought, the arid heat,
Through storm and sleet and tempest gale
And shoulders through the snowy drifts
To keep her young all well and hail

Like a winged snail she is a home
Who welcomes in her loving brood
Her brood the people of the land
Being the high born and the crude

Her sacrifice and toil find
Favoured grace in the royal eyes
And wolfen rulers call to her
And praise her virtues to the skies

Christiana, bear, recognized
For deeds well done and reckoned true
Named a Peer of the northern land
Whose many toils were not yet through.

A ballad.

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