Sunday, December 28, 2014

For HE Catherine Townson upon being named a Vigilant of the Order of the Laurel

THLaird Colyne Stewart, December AS 49 (2014)

There is a dame quite skilled at loom,
Whose work in garden makes herbs bloom,
Whose art and knowledge are quite clear,
And so the Royals name her Peer.

Kind Catherine Townson she is named,
In Ealdormere her work is famed,
By hoe or shuttle, thread or shear,
And so the Royals name her Peer.

With weft and weave and warp and sley,
She labours each and every day,
And students hands she can now steer,
And so the Royals name her Peer.

On knee descended, rises bold,
A ring of leaves on hand to hold,
For her the Laurels raise a cheer,
And so by Royals she is Peer.

Written as a kyrielle.

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