Monday, December 8, 2014

For Gann upon his Elevation to the Order of Chivalry

THLaird Colyne Stewart, December AS 49 (2014)

I invoke the name of Gann:
Gann who stands on fields of battle,
Battle, wherein he forged his name,
A name based on honour and right,
Right on his side, high his banner,
Banner steady and preaux,
Preaux is this man, word-bound,
Bound to justice and service,
Service to his King and land,
Land of the north, which he defends,
Defends with blood free spilled,
Spilled in protection of the weak,
Weak are his foes when they see him,
Him, from √Čire’s northland,
Northland’s son this warrior,
Warrior for Queen and wolf-born,
Born to the lance and sword,
Sword dipped to touch his shoulder,
Shoulders a burden from high-lord,
Lord names him worthy knight,
Knight is this man, and I,
I invoke the name of Gann.

Written as an amra (a praise poem) using the technique known as conachlonn (where the last word of each line is the first word of the subsequent line). Partially inspired by Amergin's invocation of Ireland.

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