Monday, November 4, 2013

"With sword a fighter slays his foe"

Unto his Excellency, Baron Halfdan Blackanvil, from the Canton of Ardchreag,

Good Baron, I write to you this day in appreciation of the wooden heater blanks you donated to ‘the dojo’ that is currently training at Ardchreag’s fight practice. Members of the dojo will have the honour of bearing shields made from those blanks to the Debated Lands this August.

On behalf of the dojo and our canton we offer our humble thanks for your contribution to the war efforts of Ealdormere.

With sword a fighter slays his foe
But without a shield he takes a blow.
A scarlet shield with ursine white
Ensures the bearer lives ‘til night.

Illumination by Lady Nadja Kesali
Words by Laird Colyne Stewart

Calligraphy by Lady Thorfinna gra’feldr

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