Monday, November 4, 2013

"When brigands stole the canton's lands"

Unto her Honourable Ladyship, Aurelia Gabriana, and the Lord Graem deList de Cherbourg, from the Canton of Ardchreag,

My friends, we write to you today to say how appreciative we are for the use of your land to host Ealdormere War Practice V, as well as all the help offered without thought of profit or reward leading up to and during the event.

On behalf of the canton we offer our humble thanks for your contribution to our canton, in regards to EWP V.

When brigands stole the canton's lands
and ripped the deeds from out there hands,
their neighbours did a noble act
and offered up their farming tract.

Illumination by Lady Mahault van der Eych
Words by Laird Colyne Stewart

Calligraphy by Lady Iolanda de Albornoz 

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