Monday, November 4, 2013

"A killing blow the plate deflects"

Unto his Excellency, Count Sir Sarnac Bahadur, from the Canton of Ardchreag,

Good Count, I write to you this day in appreciation of the fine breastplate which you donated to the Daughters of the North raffle at Berus’ Bar and Bar Room Brawl. This item was won by a member of our canton who is busy training a unit of new fighters for the upcoming Pennsic War. This unit is affectionately known as ‘the dojo’, and is currently training at Ardchreag’s fight practice. One of the dojo members will have the honour of wearing the breastplate to the Debated Lands this August.

On behalf of the dojo and our canton we offer our humble thanks for your contribution to the war efforts of Ealdormere.

A killing blow the plate deflects,
Ealdormere steel the man protects.
Struck fighter lives throughout the fray
And with his sword is won the day.

Illumination by Lady Nadja Kesali
Words by Laird Colyne Stewart

Calligraphy by Lady Thorfinna gra’feldr

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