Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wolfen Elegy: In Memory of Ulrich von der See (mka Markus Grunwaldt)

Colyne Stewart June A.S. XXXVI (2002)

Can you hear, with pointed ear
The howl that’s on the wind?
The wolfen cry to let us know
Erlkonig here has been.

Stunned we sit, ‘round fire’s pit
With words that will not come.
No voice can fill our sense of loss
Our tongues and pens struck dumb.

One we knew, for days too few
Abruptly taken from us.
Life gave no sign of things to come
No warning; must it be thus?

As he’s lain, search not in vain
No reason can we find.
Embraced by Horned King’s bony arms
He left us all behind.

To understand, together band
For comfort all will need
To forge ahead through grief and pain
Our strength will be our steed.

He was a friend 'til very end
A smile he shared so free;
Let all the Wolves remember him
In hearts and memory.

The rain pours, as the wolf roars
And shares in all our tears;
For we have lost a kindred soul
True child of Ealdormere.

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