Sunday, December 5, 2010

Untitled Poem for Cynred and Gaerwen

Lady Thorfinna gra’feldr and Laird Colyne Stewart, Feb AS 37 (2003)

Bright glory of the northern sky
Reflects within the baron's eye.
His tired sword is in his grasp;
His hand to beating breast is clasped.

For four long years he's led the land
And marched across the Pennsic sand,
Kept kinsmen from the tygre's maw,
Small Badger, Cynred is the Claw.

The river's beauty flows for miles
Within the baroness's smile.
Her nimble fingers spinning wool
Her promise to the northland full

With open arms she's held the land
To all extended welcome's hand
Encouraged us in war or art
None doubt that Gaerwen's the Heart

Poet and artist was the thegn-  
At times of peace within his reign
With ringing hammer rough to feel
He poured blood's labour into steel.

Gentle voice raised song to air,
Pride in his folk large as the bear,
To make all feel they have a part;
He is a Claw, but too a Heart.  

Her banner flies like scarlet flame
And marches south with each campaign
As scout or archer bending bow
With bear's keen eye her arrow's go

In court and wartime just and fair
She fierce protector of the bear
By love and deed the people saw
A Heart she is, but too a Claw.

Now in the sunset of their reign
They know that naught was done in vain
The legacy will carry on
Long after they have come and gone

And now the thrones are filled anew
By ravens beating blood so blue,
With two new hearts and two new claws
glory to Septentria!

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