Sunday, December 5, 2010

To House De Taahe

Colyne Stewart, July AS XXXVII (2003)

Shining stars on sky-blue field
De Taahe standards fly
To the fore of battles fought
As steel rings on steel
Flashing spears and blazing shield
Upon the field of battle
And swords of honour held in
Hands of grace within
The Tourney Lists
An ancient House with long, proud history
As Finvarr stepped from boat to shore
White belt glowing in the sun
To settle in our northern land and
Gather to him men and women
Of renown, living legends like unto him
Their House exemplifies grace, courtesy, and love
The values we are meant to have
And as my De Taahe general leads my
Kingdom south to War
I watch her stride in scarlet surcoat
Plumed hat shading sun-warmed face
Sword at hip awaiting battle
Her Grace, highborn daughter and
Life-long campaigner who herself
Is living legend
And beside me as I march in
Red-white tabard
Come the Stars of De Taahe
The red and yellow boar, tusks of glory
The silver sheen of helm and spear
One a Sheriff of the Thule, long
Hair blowing, proud eagle spread
Across his shield
Two spearmen next, one short, one tall
The first a former Champion
The other a Herald-who-is-not
With them others of the Greater House
All arrayed for War
And as I gaze upon the blue and gold company
I am proud they fight for Ealdormere.

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