Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mahault at Hadrian’s Wall (Pennsic XXXI)

Colyne Stewart, Aug. AS XXXVII (2003)

At Hadrian’s Wall forces met
With great shields locked and long swords set
Columns marched quickly tot heir death
With beaded sweat and hitching breath.
Iron Companions all in red
Were by Thegn Cynred boldly led
Into the breaches thick with flies
Feasting upon those that had died.
As War Doors smashed into the foe
A wave of armoured fighters flowed
And then Mahault, Isen-sister,
Was lifted, turned, foot all twisted,
Surrounded by Atlantians
Who yelled to her above the din
“Are you injured? Show us no fear,”
All bending close so she could hear
And lifting her upon her shield
Like a Queen carried from the field.
Caught now by the Dragon enemy
She found they held no enmity
As they watered her and fed her
Gave her hugs instead of murder.
A Midlands Duke then came to stare
To see what caused such ruckus there.
He introduced himself and claimed
He was more known than Finnvarr’s fame
To which Mahault did bold retort,
“I know Finnvarr, but of you naught.”
A chastised Duke then slunk away
And though his side would win the day
Mahault returned to Eald’mere earth
With this tale to cause us much mirth,

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