Sunday, December 5, 2010

I am SCAnadian!

Colyne Stewart and Thorfinna grafeldr, 2001

“I am not a geek, or a loser,
And I don’t live in a castle, eat boar’s head, or own a sword
(Well, OK, I do own a sword),
And I don’t personally know Chaucer, Erik the Red or Joan of Arc,
Although I’m sure they were really, really nice.
I have their Lupine Majesties, not just a King and Queen.
I speak in the language of my Persona (kind of), as well as Mundane,
And I say “Wassail!” not “Hurrah!”.
I can proudly sew the Trillium on my tabard
(Assuming the Heralds let me).
I believe in fun, not nitpicking;
Service, Duty, and Honour (with a ‘u’);
And that the wolf is a truly proud and noble animal!
Sites are Wet or Dry, not Damp; The Lawspeaker is a real Office;
And it is pronounced ZED, not ZEE, ZED!
(Sorry, but that really bugs me!)
Ealdormere is the sixteenth kingdom,
The First Nation of the North
And the best part of the Knowne World!

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