Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Here in the snow swept land of Ealdormere"

Colyne Stewart
Winter 2002

Here in the snow swept land of Ealdormere
Dost dwell a Lady of pure Norse descent
Who Vinland bound didst find a course to here
She to this soul a gift from Odin sent

Her Viking axe is sharp as is her wit
Her strength of spirit be boundless true
(> Here you are still short one syllable.  I think it's the stressed one
> between 'spirit' and 'be.')
Her gracious face with smile boldly lit
Our moments spent together are too few

A winged Valkyrie of Asgaard hall
She gathers me up in her mighty arms
And steadies me when too oft I would fall
Protecting me from those who’d do me harm

I am her Laird, her love, her husband slave
Until such time we both dwell in the grave

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