Sunday, December 5, 2010

For Wat of Sarum (Pennsic XXXI)

Colyne Stewart, Aug. AS XXXVII (2003)

From the Cliffs of Ardchreag
Comes Wat of Sarum
His white robes stained red
With his life’s blood
And that of his enemies.
Not expected at War he came
And stood with the Isen.
White bear roaring on his chest,
He fought in every battle
Partook in every melee,
Fought with bravery and courage
And a ready smile.
On the bridge he was THE might of Septentria
Fighting on his own for us all,
Fighting with the strength of seven men.
All this, and more, he did for us.
All this he did, though he was not oath-sworn.
When War was done Wat was called to court,
He swore as Isengesitha,
Was given an armband by Cynred,
Given a Bear’s Claw by Gaerwen.
Wat, the bravest of us all.

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