Sunday, December 5, 2010

For Sir Menken Brechen and Dame Eleanor Cadfan, Their Excellencies Skraeling Althing, Upon the Occasion of Their Engagement

Colyne Stewart, August XXXVII (2003)

The northern land is far and vast
Its culture rooted in the past
Proud heritage, traditions bold
Clasped to their hearts the Skraeling hold

But champions the Hares did need
Those great in legend, thought and deed
They sent out searchers, man and hound
‘Til defenders finally were found

He brace knight, also Pelican
Armoured up a great hill he ran
A graceful fighter, quick of shot
Who with dark trolls and ogres fought

She a Laurel, known for casting
Now joins Menken for a fasting
She strong of will and strong of mind
Her work a treasure I do find

Together they defend the north
Together will they travel forth
With Dame and Knight the Skrael be free
Marching to their true destiny

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