Sunday, December 5, 2010

For Ron and Rusti

Colyne Stewart, July AS XXXVII (2003)

A quiet couple almost unknown to me
Walked and bowed before the King
Amidst fluttering flags and boastful Heralds
That spring day in Ardchreag.
Clasping hands Rustique the Serving
Watched as Aaron strapped on armour
And stepped out onto the Lists of Honour
Hours passed as worthy gentles battled on to prove their worth and loyalty
To Lupine Crown and Northron Land
In the end two brave fighters took the field
And flurried blows flew
Sword on sword and shield on shield
Then a pause, blows struck discussed and
One falls, leaving Aaron standing, sweating.
Rustique and Aaron then made Heirs
Traveled widely, spreading joy
Inspiring all in ways of War and of Peace.
Aaron showed me how to dies in the shieldwall
And Rustique’s hand signed charter for my Guild.
Others I saw also inspired by them
Fighters, sailors, artisans and bards.
In Greyfells Rustique confronted Knights
And conjured forth her Prince of Frogs
Then they wore the Lupine Crowns
King Aaron Preslee, Queen Rustique de Sorde
Who strode with pride and honour
Past we on bended knee
Born of common folk, now Royal,
Noble brows creased with concern
And mouths curved to smiles.
And in rare moments when concerns of State did not press
They sat with us
Rustique, on floor, playing with children
Aaron, with feet on table
Caught in moments of relaxation
That made us love them even more.
Duties done, now Jarl and Countess
Have new duties, ungrudgingly performed.
And if they grace again our Thrones
Fealty will I swear to them
Two true Lights of the North.

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