Sunday, December 5, 2010

For my Teachers

Colyne Stewart, July AS XXXVII (2003)

One year it took, to make my armour,
To train, to authorize
And the help of many came to me
Along the way.
But there were five who stood out
Who taught me how to fight
(or rather how to die)
how to face a charge, throw a blow
and take one.
First was Berus, Jarl and Knight,
Fresh from his reign as King
Who took two newbies under his wing
Taught without pushing, hit without thrashing.
From whom we learned our basics
Then Eanor, Duchess, who taught us
Tactics and enforced out throws.
Then the fighters of Skeldergate, too long to list,
But chief amongst them
Streonwald, Hlaford, who took me aside,
Adjusted my shot,
And finally got me to use my hips.
Then Kenric, Squire, who improved my stance
And got me throwing combos.
Finally, Brandt, leather-Lord,
One of our first, but listed last
As his training time was greatest
Nights spent in his yard, throwing at pells,
Days spent in the shieldwall while he poked and prodded.
I only hope that they know how much their time has meant to us
And that any glory that I win,
I lay at their feet.
To my teachers
And Thanks.

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