Sunday, December 5, 2010

For my King (Dedicated to His Majesty, Sir Rory Cennedi)

Laird Colyne Stewart, Dec AS 38 (2003)

There stands my lord king, proud sword by his side,
Blood flows from a wound that he has not felt,
Helm held beneath his arm, his dread eyes wide.
A man of peace, but from his hands are dealt
Justice to those who think to harm the land,
As well sweet care to those o’er whom he rules.
A sea of scarlet swathes his loyal band
Each cloak with argent wolves upon the gules.
Like Boru, King, he stems the frightful tide
Of foes who think to harm the lupine lands;
Fierce dragons and tygres has he defied
And still our monarch of the trill’um stands.
There are few such as he, on earth or above,
Few who can inspire such fear and love.

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