Sunday, December 5, 2010

For House Mjolnir and the Barony of Septentria (Pennsic XXXI)

Colyne Stewart, Aug. AS XXXVII (2003)

From the south come northern men
Norse fighters wearing leather black
With arms of strength and hearts of courage
Who fought with us upon the field.
Randwulf, Cynred, brothers now in arms.
The red hammer and the white bear
Led us into War.
With booty bought, with honour kept,
Comrades in and out of battle.
While rain poured we sat and sang
With Alaani of the Cliffs and Olaf of the twisted back,
But when horns called, rain or no,
We came in tabards red and armour brown.
Standing side by side
Giving no ground
Fighting as cousins
Fighting like brothers
To the last man we stood
Mjolnir and Septentria.
In our hearts are courage
In our hearts are strength
We will take the day.

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