Sunday, December 5, 2010

For Finnvarr de Taahe, who brought the Society to our Lands

Laird Colyne Stewart, May AS 38 (2003)

An Irish ship from foreign lands
once struck ground upon lonely sands;
A tall knight stood upon the shore,
knew ‘twas the land he searched for.

Hands calloused rough by sword and shield
bent to tilling soil and field;
a hall was raised, a keep, a town,
shire-citie of great renown.

Within the hall the tall knight read;
upon the field he boldly led.
About his banners cantons bloomed,
which birthed brave baronies well groomed.

From baronies his hand helped guide
as northern lands the fates defied,
helped slay a wyrm that barred the birth
of our bold kingdom 'pon the earth.

Finnvarr de Taahe he was so named.
To mark his destiny well famed,
his shield and household decked and starred,
his deeds like Charny’s all unmarred.

His star burns bright within the sky,
in the heav'ns where bright arrows fly.
'pon Eald'mere's brow his star a gem;
His like will never come again.

My lines an utterance of facts,
my words but mirror of his acts.
To Finnvarr, knight and former king,
my glass I raise and praises sing.

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