Sunday, December 5, 2010

For Eogan and Kersteken of the Perpetual Entourage

Colyne Stewart, June AS XXXVII (mka Todd Fischer June 2002)

Fair maid and Lord of Skeldergate
Were led to us by happy fate
Honoured we to have them met
At Pikeman’s feast our bodies set

Eogan of the white, blue and black
With a red sword has learned to hack
Fighter forged in Pennsic fire
Now his name on scroll of honour

Kersteken of Art and Science
Also dabbler in finance
An officer with drive and wile
Lady of true wit and style

Both in service to Wolfen Crown
Following King and Queen around
Shadows for Rustique and Aaron
One month off was all they shared in

They now in service are again
To Arlette Queen and Roak King
And in their loyal hand and sword
True love of Northern lands are stored

Our kingdom richer once they came
As honour falls upon their names
We are the ones who always gain
When they assist with Lupine reign

And so a toast I do propose
While golden mead within me glows
To Kersteken and Eogan, friends
Whom I’ll admire ‘til world’s end

So help the Queen and help the King
But try to promise us one thing
When you find you are the Royals
Please do not entourage yourselves!

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