Sunday, December 5, 2010

For Eanor of Amberhall, Khan’s Champion and General of Ealdormere (Pennsic XXXI)

Colyne Stewart, Aug XXXVII (2003)

From Halls of Amber strides a Rose
A Duchess filled with poise and grace
A Champion with sword of steel
Khan’s duty etched upon her face

Stands before the scarlet flag
With Laurel wings and floating Crown
Of Death an angel for the Mid
Who called her righteous fury down

In the barren woods she led our troops
East forces flitting through the trees
All banners three fell to Her Grace
The Dragon beat down to its knees

Her work thought done by another
But Golden Bee does not complain
She led us for love of duty
And not for any praise or fame

She strides throughout our northern land
She duty-bound to serve us all
Our Kingdom gifted to be home
To fair Eanor of Amberhall

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