Sunday, December 5, 2010

For Corwyn and Domhnail, Their Excellencies Septentria

Laird Colyne Stewart, Feb AS 37 (2003)

Domhnail is the swift-foot,
She is the flashing shield;
She with flowing raven hair
Striding on the field.
She has a sword of honour;
Great pride is placed upon her—
Domhnail is our Lady of the Bear.

Tall Corwyn is the oak-thewed,
A giant of the north;
With gentle hands and humour,
A bellowed laugh comes forth.
He has a sword of courage,
Standing on the pine ridge—
Tall Corwyn is our new Lord of the Bear.

They bleed upon the red field,
And tend to fallen kin,
Give the largesse of their hands,
Arms gather people in.
They have two swords of true love,
The kind the sonnets sing of—
Together they the new Heart of the Bear.

They gather to them households,
Band the folk with iron,
Call to them the ursine,
Call them to good fortune.
They have two swords of power,
Protecting trillium flower—
Together they the new Claw of the Bear.

We scarlet people gather
To them we bend our knee
Bright future seen within them
They shape our destiny.
We the sword of loyalty
To the Bear’s nobility
Together we the Spirit of the Bear.

Tall Corwyn and Domhnail
Lead us and will not fail—
Together they personify the Bear.
Together they personify the Bear.

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