Sunday, December 5, 2010

For Aeneas and Aibhilin, at their Handfasting

Laird Colyne Stewart, September AS 38 (2003)

A cloud of fine flour floats in the air,
A clatter of platter, pot and tureen,
A hand that sprinkles, kneads and rolls with flare—
A master cook who seems, outward, serene;
But a bustling kitchen with but one cook,
It seemed too empty, too large and too vast,
Lacking was a partner, to share a taste
Of a love that like a good wine will last.
Now two happy chefs labour in the steam,
Chopping meat, grinding nuts and kneading bread,
Their lively hearts as light as fresh whipped cream;
A blazing oven warms their wedding bed.
Their love is a recipe for success,
May their long lives know naught but happiness.

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