Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ealdormere’s Muster in the Rain

(Opening Ceremonies, Pennsic War XXXI)
Colyne Stewart, Aug XXXVII (2003)

A drop of rain can’t stop our flood
Our voices raised against the thunder
A mustering line hundreds strong
Too strong to ever break asunder

We walk the hill awash in mud
First to arrive upon the field
Clothes hang damp but not our spirits
With fortitude our folk are dealed

“Court’s now indoors!” the heralds cry
And so we march the long way back
Singing still our joyous refrains
The howling of our wolfen pack

Within the barn dark puddles pool
As we lift wooden rafters high
Our bards to lead us in our song
That makes the hardy weep and cry

We are the land that always sings
And prouder I could never be
To come from northern Ealdormere
To be a Wolf that’s strong and free

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