Sunday, December 5, 2010

Children’s Rhyme Ten

Colyne Stewart
Sep AS XXXVII (2003)

There is a canton on the cliffs,
Called Ardchreag by name,
Where flying turtles soar in the air
And people play at games.

Things to see, if you go there,
Include the bison green,
The giant Wolf, the monkey-man,
The bubbling tureen.

Don’t mock the goblins in the dens
Along the precipice,
Nor the trolls that lumber ‘bout
White knuckles on their fists.

Stick to the towns and smell the smells
Of cooking, baking bread.
Listen to the carpenters who
Craft a Viking bed.

Watch the fighters hit each other
In humour and good form
Listen to the singing bards
Who can out shout the storm.

Ardchreag’s a bustling place,
And all the Chreaggers say,
To visit is divine but please,
Next time come to stay!

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